The ultimate network security package.

An essential network firewall, plus protection for web and email gateways, laptops and mobile devices.

Make time for things that really matter

We know the life of an IT manager can be stressful. Sophos UTM eases this burden with a complete suite of network security products including Firewall, Wi-Fi, VPN, Web and Email protection. With security taken care of, you can focus on the things in life that really matter. You know, like endlessly pranking your co-workers.

Usable Threat Management

At Sophos, simplicity is our mantra. You’ll have complete control over all the security features you need all in one place, with none of the complexity.

We’ve invested heavily in streamlining our interface. This way you won’t have to reach for the manual every time you need to update a policy or change a setting. So you’re never more than a couple clicks from completing your task.

Complete On-Box Reporting

Our built-in reporting means you’ll know exactly what’s happening with your users. Fix problems fast and shape your policies, keeping your users secure while boosting network performance. And, you get detailed reports as standard, stored locally with no separate tools required.

At-a-glance flow graphs show usage trends with predefined and customizable reports, providing key web activity. Report anonymization hides user names, requiring the four-eyes principle to unhidden them.

Flexible Deployment

Sophos UTM gives you complete security—from the network firewall to endpoint antivirus—in a single modular appliance.

  • Install as hardware, software or a virtual appliance or even in the cloud
  • License our protection modules individually. Or, you can choose one of our pre-packaged licenses
  • Centrally manage multiple appliances through IPsec VPN tunnels with our Free UTM Manager


Advanced Threat Protection

Stop sophisticated attacks that a firewall alone can’t stop with our Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).

  • Blocks application- and protocol-related attacks through deep-packet inspection
  • Signature database of over 10,000 patterns and rules is updated every few minutes
  • Multi-core engineered to run at maximum speeds on the latest processors


Customizable Web Filtering

Select from over 35 million sites in 96 categories to create safe web browsing policies—so you can minimize legal concerns around inappropriate content and maximize productivity.

You can set policy by users and time, using a variety of authentication options including IP or Mac Address, Active Directory SSO, eDirectory SSO and LDAP. And, it syncs with UTM Endpoint Protection, providing a single web security policy for users everywhere.

Web Protection Datasheet

Dynamic App Control

In a couple clicks you can protect your employees from web threats and control their time online.

  • A graphical flowmonitor and dynamic reports let you check on the fly to see if your policy is working and make instant adjustments
  • Block, allow, shape and prioritize web applications like file sharing, IM clients, streaming media and games
  • Deep Layer-7 inspection identifies over 900 applications, and it gives feedback on unclassified applications too

Easy Site-to-Site VPN

Sophos RED (Remote Ethernet Device) provides secure remote access to your off-site locations. It’s the first security gateway that requires no technical skills at the remote site. Once installed, it forwards traffic to the UTM for complete security.

Our Secure SSL or IPsec VPN clients provide mobile and home workers with secure remote access from any location at any time. And our unique UserPortal means users can install VPN Clients and manage their spam too.

VPN Clients Datasheet

Remote Ethernet Device (RED) Datasheet

Complete Email Protection

Block spam and viruses while keeping your sensitive data safe.

  • Let users manage their spam quarantine and search a personalized mail log
  • Antivirus scanning keeps infected emails out of your mailbox
  • Protect your confidential emails from illegitimate access with email encryption

Email Protection Datasheet

Built-in Wi-Fi

You can set up, manage and secure wireless networks in just minutes with the UTM’s built-in wireless controller.

  • Set up wireless hotspots and guest access with a simple voucher-based system
  • Access Points need no manual configuration and are instantly protected by the UTM
  • Repeating and bridging functionality extends Wi-Fi to harder to cable areas

Secure Wi-Fi Datasheet

Proven Endpoint Antivirus

Extend protection to your desktops and laptops with antivirus, device and web control in one.

  • Scans files, webpages and devices blocking or cleaning threats
  • Device control reduces the risk of data loss and malware by managing removable devices
  • Built-in URL filtering makes sure users get the same level of web protection outside of the office as they do inside

UTM Endpoint Protection Datasheet

Powerful Webserver Protection

You can quickly harden your web servers and apps against common attacks and ensure regulatory compliance with our web application firewall. Get instant protection without changing your web server code and no training required for admins or web developers.

Information submitted via forms on your website is inspected to prevent server exploits and stop intruders from manipulating your web content. Or from stealing personally identifiable information like credit card and social security numbers.

Webserver Protection Datasheet

Centralized UTM Management

Whether you have a few UTMs or a few hundred, we make it easy to centrally manage and monitor your entire estate with a single pane of glass.

  • Easily manage multiple UTM installations from a single console
  • Configure web, email and network filtering policies across multiple sites or customers
  • View threat, network and hardware resource status across all your UTMs at a glance
  • Aggregate reporting across all your UTMs or view just a single installation

UTM Manager Datasheet

Self-Service User Portal

Our self-service user portal helps users help themselves, reducing the workload on your help desk. It provides personalized email and remote access services to authorized users—and it’s simple to use.

  • Access and manage email quarantine to release messages inadvertently marked as spam
  • Create email sender whitelists to stop legitimate mail being quarantined, and create POP3 accounts too
  • Download remote access client software and configuration files.(SSL, PPTP, L2TP, IPsec Road Warrior)
  • Change user preferences such as the portal password


Lightning Performance

Our hardware appliances are purpose built, high-performance devices. They integrate our security applications with a hardened operating system (OS) on optimized Intel-compatible server systems.

By optimizing scanning and using multicore capabilities, we boost performance and give you the throughput speeds you need.

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