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NetApp storage systems offer IT efficiency, business agility, high application uptime, and simplified data management.

Flash Array Storage Systems

The NetApp EF550 flash array is designed for performance-driven applications with submillisecond latency requirements.

The NetApp® EF550 flash array delivers the extreme performance, reliability, and availability to drive greater speed and responsiveness from the applications controlling your key business operations.

NetApp EF550 all-SSD enterprise storage can:

  • Increase the speed of business with submillisecond response times.
  • Eliminate over-provisioning and improve IT efficiency.
  • Achieve the transactional performance of 1,000 15K RPM drives—in a 2U enclosure requiring just 5% of the rack space, power, and cooling.
  • Detect and resolve issues fast with advanced monitoring and proactive repair.
  • Protect against data loss and downtime with NetApp’s Snapshot™ copies, remote replication, and other advanced data protection.
  • Replicate data to either an EF550 or NetApp E-Series system.
  • Leverage the enterprise-proven SANtricity® software platform.

By combining extreme IOPS, submillisecond response times, scale-up capacity, and enterprise-grade reliability, the NetApp EF550 flash array helps you increase productivity and achieve faster business results.

Learn more about how the NetApp EF550 PDF all-flash array and SANtricity storage management software PDF can help accelerate your latency-sensitive, business-critical applications.

Key Points
  • Delivers more than 400,000 IOPS, submillisecond latency, and up to 12GBps throughput
  • Cuts space utilization, power, and cooling through IOPS density
  • Maximizes uptime with full redundancy and automated failover
  • Meets growing capacity requirements with scalability up to 96TB
  • Leverages NetApp’s experience from 650,000 installed systems
The NetApp EF540 flash array is designed for performance-driven applications with submillisecond latency requirements.

Every enterprise has an application or dataset where responsiveness drives time-to-market, customer satisfaction, productivity, revenue generation, or other core operations. For these crucial applications, the NetApp® EF540 flash array delivers the extreme performance, IT efficiency, and proven reliability you need.

With NetApp EF540 all-SSD enterprise storage, you can:

  • Speed time to market with instant application response times.
  • Eliminate over-provisioning and increase the efficiency of IT resources.
  • Achieve the transactional performance of 1,000 traditional 15K drives.
  • Take advantage of intuitive storage management with comprehensive performance tuning, advanced monitoring, and proactive repair.
  • Keep business operations running with NetApp’s trusted, proven enterprise-class reliability and availability.
  • Replicate data to full-flash, hybrid, or spinning disk storage for industry-leading recovery options and cost flexibility.

By combining extreme IOPS, responsiveness, and reliability, the NetApp EF540 high-performance flash array is optimized for performance-sensitive workloads—so you can achieve faster business results and enhance your customer experience.

Learn more about how the NetApp EF540 PDF all-flash array and SANtricity® storage management software PDF can help accelerate your latency-sensitive, business-critical applications.

Key Points
  • Delivers more than 300,000 IOPS, submillisecond latency, and 6GBps throughput.
  • Cuts space utilization, power, and cooling by up to 95%.
  • Maximizes uptime with full redundancy and automated failover.
  • Provides advanced data recovery via Snapshot copies and remote replication.
  • Leverages NetApp’s experience from 650,000 installed systems.


FAS/V-Series Storage Systems

NetApp FAS6200 Series delivers higher availability, scalability, and flash-optimized performance to accelerate business.

NetApp® FAS6200 Series storage systems are designed to deliver superior availability and proven performance to satisfy the most demanding workloads. The leading NetApp flash portfolio integrates with the FAS6200, letting you put flash where you need it: in controllers, arrays, or servers. FAS6200 gives you agility to meet changing application requirements without re-architecting your storage.

Achieve nondisruptive operations. Clustered Data ONTAP® software eliminates planned downtime for upgrades and system changes. Advanced risk detection lets you resolve issues before they affect availability.

Deliver impact faster. Self-managing Virtual Storage Tier flash technologies drive more IOPS with lower latency and reduce by up to 75% the spindles needed for a given level of performance.

Enable seamless scaling. FAS6200 systems with clustered Data ONTAP scale up to 24 nodes. You can cluster controllers of various sizes, ages, and performance characteristics, including NetApp V-Series systems, in front of third-party storage.

  • Learn more about our FAS6200 series enterprise storage systems. (PDF)
  • Cisco has validated the FAS6200 for FlexPod Datacenter . Find out more.
Key Points
  • Nondisruptive operations to eliminate planned downtime
  • Proven 99.999% availability and leading data protection
  • Scalability to over 69PB capacity and over 1.5 million IOPS performance
  • Enterprise SAN and NAS performance from a unified platform
  • Superior flash integration, automatically adapts to changing workloads
The new NetApp FAS3200 Series enables flash and clustering to improve IT performance and agility.

Our new NetApp® midrange data storage platforms are our most powerful ever with up to 80% more performance, 100% more capacity, nondisruptive operations, and industry-leading storage efficiency. That means you don’t have to compromise performance or value.

Improve business agility. With a new processor and memory architecture, the FAS3220 and FAS3250 offer unprecedented support for flash and enterprise clustering for an agile infrastructure that adapts to support any combination of application workloads—without introducing complexity.

Deliver impact faster. Self-managing Virtual Storage Tier flash technologies deliver more IOPS with lower latency, and reduce by up to 75% the number of drives needed for a given level of performance.

Avoid downtime. Clustered Data ONTAP® software helps eliminate planned and unplanned downtime through nondisruptive operations.

Learn more about the advanced capabilities of the NetApp FAS3200 series PDF.

See technical specifications that include the NetApp FAS3210, FAS3240, and FAS3270.


Key Points
  • Up to 80% more performance and 100% more capacity
  • Flash-ready with up to 4TB of flash to boost performance
  • Scalable, cluster-ready architecture to meet new business demands
  • Nondisruptive updates and expansion with zero disruption to users
  • Built on Data ONTAP, the world’s #1 branded storage OS[*]
NetApp FAS2200 offers powerful, affordable, flexible data storage for midsized businesses and distributed enterprises.

Midsized businesses and enterprises with distributed environments need powerful, flexible data storage to handle data growth. The NetApp® FAS2200 series, named a ‘Champion’ and ‘Best in Overall Value’ by Info-Tech Research Group, is affordable, and is a more powerful storage platform than other systems in its class.

Start right with unified storage for SAN and NAS. Accelerate application performance and optimize storage costs with NetApp Flash Accel™ Server Cache and Flash Pool™ Intelligent Caching.

Keep it simple with intuitive storage management tools that integrate with key business applications and virtualization environments.

Grow smart while protecting your storage investment, with cluster-ready upgrades using the same NetApp operating system and software tools.

NetApp software on FAS2200 systems reduces disk purchases by 50% or more and cuts provisioning time by up to 90%.

The NetApp FAS2200 series delivers no-compromise unified storage, with industry-leading efficiency features at no additional cost, to boost performance and handle storage growth.

Note: The FAS2040 system is being transitioned. Contact your NetApp representative for availability details.

Key Points
  • More powerful unified data storage systems start below $8,000.
  • Integration with Windows and VMware simplifies management.
  • Virtual Storage Tiering accelerates application performance.
  • Automatic data movement between SSD and HDD increases storage efficiency.
  • The cluster-ready systems can scale to 552TB.
NetApp V-Series uses the power of Data ONTAP to make your third-party storage more efficient and flexible.

NetApp® V-Series open storage controllers provide leading data protection, data management, and storage efficiency for your existing EMC®, HDS, HP, IBM®, and Fujitsu® storage arrays.

Reclaim 35% or more capacity and reduce what you must spend for new disk drives to handle data growth by using NetApp storage efficiency features such as deduplication, thin provisioning, and compression. Optimize your workload performance with our broad flash portfolio.

Integrated Data Protection
Leverage NetApp integrated data protection for backup, replication, and business continuance—even between different types of storage arrays from different vendors.

Storage Virtualization
Achieve higher utilization and better agility by using V-Series to virtualize your storage infrastructure. Scale capacity and performance without limits and manage petabytes of capacity per administrator.

Storage Gateway
Enable NAS and SAN gateways to your current storage arrays with V-Series’ support for multiple protocols (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, FCoE, and FC).


Key Points
  • Reclaim 35% or more of your existing storage capacity.
  • Shrink backup times from hours to minutes, with integrated data protection.
  • Accelerate performance 3-6x*
  • Add NAS gateway capabilities to SAN storage arrays.
  • Get full ROI on your V-Series system in 9 months—guaranteed.**
NetApp disk shelves and storage media provide flexibility, reliability, storage efficiency and cross-platform leverage.

NetApp offers a full range of high-capacity, high-performance, and self-encrypting disk drives plus ultra-high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs). Disk shelf options let you optimize for capacity, performance or versatility. NetApp Optical SAS interconnects simplify infrastructure while providing industry-leading performance.

Gain cross-platform leverage.
The same drives and shelves work across all FAS and V-Series storage platforms. Nondisruptive controller upgrades allow you to change platforms without additional media purchases or data migration.

Enhance performance with flash.
Self-managing Virtual Storage Tier technologies, including Flash Pool, optimize data placement on flash for maximum performance—reducing by up to 75% the number of spindles needed for a given level of performance.

Strengthen security.
Enhance physical data security and prevent unauthorized data access with NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE) and a full line of self-encrypting drives.

Achieve enterprise-class resiliency.
Full redundancy is standard in all disk shelf designs. Advanced features such as alternate control path for out-of-band management, NetApp RAID-DP® for superior data protection, and Maintenance Center for advanced error recovery protect the availability of your data. Industry-first, optical SAS delivers high-performance, low-latency SAS connectivity across extended data center distances (up to 500M) for enhanced flexibility and resilience.

Learn more with the NetApp Disk Shelves and Storage Media datasheet PDF.

Learn more about our FAS6200 Series enterprise storage systems.

Key Points
  • Choose among hard drives, SSDs, and self-encrypting drives.
  • Industry-first optical SAS provides greater flexibility and resilience.
  • Gain flexibility, from massive capacity to extreme performance.
  • Achieve multipath connections and full redundancy.
  • Use alternate control path for out-of-band management.
NetApp Virtual Storage Tier lets you scale performance and capacity and achieve the highest level of storage efficiency.
NetApp® Virtual Storage Tier (VST) is a self-managing, data-driven service layer for storage infrastructure. It provides real-time assessment of workload-based priorities and optimizes I/O data requests for cost and performance—without requiring complex data classification. Default data placement is to the lowest cost physical storage available (most often high-capacity SATA) because VST uses intelligent caching to leverage Flash-based technology with minimal I/O and CPU overhead.On-demand data promotion is based on actual usage patterns, ensuring immediate response to changing workload demands. Virtual Storage Tier is compatible with both SAN and NAS environments and related data protection and business continuity requirements.

Built on NetApp’s fundamental strengths in storage efficiency and intelligent caching, Virtual Storage Tier provides:

  • Real-time, data-driven response to your most demanding application workloads
  • Full flash technology integration: both PCIe and solid-state disk (SSD)
  • Industry-leading efficiency through data deduplication and thin cloning integration
  • Out-of-the-box operation, so you can set it and forget it

Learn more. Read the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier datasheet.


Key Points
  • Automated storage tiering
  • Data-driven, real-time responsiveness
  • Optimized solution for low cost and maximum efficiency
  • Reduced complexity with out-of-the-box operation

E-Series Storage Systems

The NetApp E5500 data storage system sets new standards for performance efficiency in application-driven environments.

Designed to improve operational efficiency, reduce data center footprint, and maintain high availability, the performance-efficient NetApp® E5500 storage system meets demanding performance and capacity requirements without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency.

The E5500 is equally adept at supporting high-IOPS mixed workloads and databases, high-performance file systems, and bandwidth-intensive streaming applications. NetApp’s patent-pending Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) simplifies traditional RAID management by distributing data parity information and spare capacity across a pool of drives.

The modular flexibility of the E-Series—with three disk drive/controller shelves, multiple drive types, and a complete selection of interfaces—enables custom configurations optimized and able to scale as needed. The maximum storage density of the E5500 reduces rack space by up to 60%, power use by up to 40%, and cooling requirements by up to 39%.

Backed by NetApp’s 20+ years of storage-development experience and more than 650,000 systems in the field, the E5500 provides a field-proven architecture with high reliability and 99.999% availability.


Key Points
  • Massive bandwidth performance, high IOPS, and extreme density support data-intensive solutions.
  • Modular design enables efficient scaling for performance and capacity.
  • Field-proven architecture delivers high reliability and 99.999% uptime.
  • SANtricity software and DDP simplify storage and data management, protection, and utilization.
The NetApp E5400 is a performance-efficient midrange storage array for a variety of application-driven environments.

The NetApp® E5400 storage system meets your organization’s demanding performance and capacity requirements without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency. Its balanced performance supports high-performance file systems, bandwidth-intensive streaming applications, and transaction-intensive workloads. The E5400 multiple drive shelf options enable custom configurations for any environment.

Backed by NetApp’s 20+ years of storage-development experience and a field-proven architecture, the E5400 delivers high reliability and 99.999% availability. The E5400 system’s advanced protection features and extensive diagnostic capabilities maintain high levels of data integrity. Redundant components, automated path failover, and online administration mean your organization can stay productive 24/7/365.

Key Points
  • Midrange storage system delivers performance efficiency for application-driven environments.
  • Field-proven design provides high reliability and 99.999% availability.
  • Multiple drive shelf options enable custom configurations.
  • NetApp’s exclusive Dynamic Disk Pools offers simplicity and protection beyond standard RAID.
The NetApp E2700 delivers configurable, streamlined performance for midsize application-driven SAN storage environments.

The scalable E2700 provides general-purpose application-driven storage for remote, branch, and midsize organizations. Choose from three shelves—4U/60, 2U/24, and 2U/12—and three forms of connectivity: FC, iSCSI, or SAS. The E2700 integrates with key applications such as VMware®, Exchange, SQL, and Oracle® systems.

With the E2700, you can:

  • Gain best-in-class performance efficiency for a wide range of database and other transactional applications.
  • Reduce cost and complexity of high-throughput data management through a configurable architecture that is easy to use and install.
  • Attain streamlined high performance, with low latency and high bandwidth and IOPS.
  • Achieve seamless operations with flexible application integration.
  • Scale capacity as needed to support business growth.

Like all NetApp® E-Series systems, the E2700 uses the robust, easy-to-use, and lightweight SANtricity® storage management software, which enables performance efficiency, dynamic drive rebalancing, RAID management, intelligent cache tiering, and extended data protection, including data replication and disaster recovery.

Learn more about the E2700 PDF storage system.

Explore how the NetApp SANtricity storage management software can power your application-driven environment.

Key Points
  • Maximize disk I/O with our performance-efficient storage architecture.
  • Sustain high read/write storage throughput for high-transactional applications.
  • Scale up to 192 drives with simple SAN block storage.
  • Integrate with ease via multiple host interfaces, drive technologies, disk shelf options.
  • Achieve SAN storage reliability, proven through our installed base of 650,000 systems.





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