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1. Unified Communication : OpenScape Voice and OpenScape 4000

We’ve learned to communicate in a lot of other ways, but when it really counts, we talk.

You need a communications solution that works well. With all the pieces you need to be competitive. Without turning the world over and starting again. Sometimes evolution fits better than revolution.

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2. Small and Medium Business: OpenScape Business

Protect your investment without compromising

Bridge the gap between legacy phone systems and internet-based communications with one of the world’s best communications platforms for small and medium-sized businesses.

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3. Phone and Clients: Desktop Phone and Soft Client

The perfect tools for key conversations

Tweet. Post. Chat. Text. Email. On and on. It’s fantastic to have so much choice. When the stakes are high, though, nothing replaces talking. Sometimes, you need to simply pick up the phone.

Let us make your conversations vibrant.

Most of us “talk” more by text than by speaking. It’s the way life is, and it’s good.

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