TE logoTE connects people and technology across office networks all over the world. Supporting data transmission at speeds of up to 100 Gbps, many of the world’s most complex networks run applications over TE products selected from our AMP NETCONNECT, KRONE and TrueNet portfolios.

Our innovative copper & fiber solutions are complemented by software enhanced, managed connectivity to efficiently deliver the data your business needs over highly reliable network infrastructures.

Power Products

TE’s modular power distribution solutions deliver power to workstations via raised floor, modular office systems furniture panels, retail store display fixtures, gaming fixtures and other methods.

These systems provide an optimal solution for the retail, gaming, and hospitality industries, or anywhere where flexibility and modularity are essential.

• AMPINNERGY Modular Power Systems provide a plug-and-play power solution for modular furniture or zone applications

• Undercarpet power and data solutions invisibly extend services to otherwise inaccessible areas, including conference room floors, convention centers, retail floors, gondolas and gaming areas

• NM Cable Splices and Tap (Voltage rating: 300 VAC RMS/Current rating: 20 amperes) permanently interconnect 3.31 or 2.08 mm2 [12 and 14 AWG] circuits. They eliminate the need for junction boxes, covers, wire nuts, and box connectors.

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