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Our history

PT. Suwarna Dwipa Maju ( sdm ), was established in September 2012. The company  is  managed  by  a  professional  and  highly  experienced team focusing  on  Communication  Systems and IT  needs  of  major  governmental, industrial and commercial potential of Indonesia.

  • Our  mission,  vision,  goal  and  motto  are  entirely  dedicated  towards  a successful long term partnership with customers aiming to be partners in progress.
  • Our  obligation  is  to  provide  the  Indonesia  market  (Government & Corporate) with state-of-theart Technologies, Support and Services.
  • It  has  been  an  exciting  time  to  be  involved  with  the  industry  and  we are  looking  forward  to the  coming  years  and  being  able  to  provide systems and products to meet the demands of the future.

Service and Support

Delivering  a  service  excellence  committed  to  customer  satisfaction  is  what the Company strives for. We provide a full spectrum of resources to assist the customer  in  implementing  the  latest  technology  as  well  as  maintaining  the Communication  Systems  and IT  infrastructure  to  assure  the  business operation continuity. Whether the customer needs assistance with complete computing  solution  or  consultation,  the  Company  service  team  is  ready  to help.

Services that we offer are :

  • Project management and consulting
  • Implementation services
  • 24Hour X 7Day X 4Hour Response Platinum Service
  • After Sales Services such as Onsite Support and Maintenance Services

By having a flexible and scalable services with such a high commitment, we are assuring to provide the best services for our customers.

Our Vision

PT SUWARNA DWIPA MAJU (SDM)  is  a  full  service  company  providing Communication  Systems and  IT  infrastructure.  It  offers  complete  solutions customized  to  meet  the  generic  and  specific  needs  of  the  clients,  and includes design, installation and superb after sales service.

Our Mission

SDM  does  not  compromise  delivered  quality  and  exceptional  value  for money, empowered by technical staff and expertise to handle projects of any size and scope.

SDM believes that delivering cost-effective high quality products and services with outstanding after sales service will lead into total customer satisfaction and guarantee the long lasting relationship with customers.

Our aim is to be one of the leading solution providers and system integrators with  innovative  initiative,  unique  offering,  steady  growth  and  regional presence supported by loyal customers and employees. You progress and leave us the hard work. We love what we do. We work at making sure you will remain a loyal customer.

Our Products

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